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Website designer, graphic illustrator, aspiring artist, and stationery hoarder.

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Customised WordPress Websites
E-commerce Solutions
Blogs & Online Theme Designs


New Corporate Branding
Logo Re-design
Comprehensive Style Guides


Marketing Resources
Brochures & Literature

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Brochures and Leaflets
Printed Postcards and Flyers
Customised Stickers
Printed merchandise
b-organic soothing body balm packaging design
Designed and printed button badges
Marna Lunt Meet & Make

A bit more about me...

I am graphic and web designer with over 14+ years in the media and advertising industry. I have been a freelancer for over 12 years, having previously worked for a global media agency in London.
My background is in fine art, so I have always been drawn towards the creative side of business.
My clients range from large corporates, to medium sized companies, to self-starting entrepreneurs.

So, basically everyone. Let's have a chat to see how we can work together!

Sometimes I blog

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